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Volvo Vision

"Volvo Vision" provides reliable security and safety as a monitor designed to the standard of the Volvo brand. Key design elements include: soft edges blended with angles, metallic highlights and trim, nested touch points, snaking lights, high end material and finish, and high-tech features. The design was guided by minimalist aesthetics and the incorporation of Volvo's advance security brand promise. One major element of the redesign was the focus on a wifi capable monitor.

Reciprocating Power Saw

For the project Take Apart Branding, Eleni's group was given a reciprocating power saw made by Black & Decker. For a few weeks, the group studied the power saw by sketching it to learn its form, reading user reviews to find problems, and used the saw to discover issues with the current design. After choosing the brand Gerber Knives, the final assignment was to create a final prototype.

Revitalizing a Public Space

X-ray view of a first level program (game areas, public seating, food markets, and green spaces) and second level program (pathway, multipurpose fields, food court, and public seating). Created in Sketchup and Adobe Illustrator.

Thesis project on how we can improve and revitalize an existing public space, identifying the factors that define a successful public space, and how architectural features can create a space that links different social statues to bring the community together. 

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