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Dark Swell

Two-channel video installation on a sculptural form

Fabric, stainless steel, support wires

HD video: 15:30 min, continuos loop, with audio

Front Height: 9’         Back Height: 5’

Front Width: 16’        Back Width: 7.5’

Depth: 11’

Manipulated video of ocean waters, at various wave frequencies, is projected onto a large form so it moves around the viewer while a pulsating audio-scape courses through the speakers

Rock Room

Install view & audio, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY (2014)

Materials & dimensions: 

2-3 cubic yards of 3/4" gravel, 2 yamaha studio monitors, subwoofer, media players, 4 open windows, 3 omnidirectional weather-proof garden speakers, laptop, amplifiers, natural light.

Rock Room was installed in a 13x20' room, and environs; at the Bard College Exhibition Center at UBS. All gravel was provided by Buildings & Grounds, and was washed and dried on premises.


I'mPerfect Human

I'mPerfect Human is an interactive game piece based on an excerpt from Jorgan Leth's movie 'The Perfect Human' (1967). I'mPerfect Human is based on the concepts of imperfection, originality and improvisation. Users are pushed to move differently than the 'Perfect Human' dancing in the adjacent frame, and thereby are given the freedom to perceive what 'different' is to them. For comparison purpose, there is a difference meter and a score giving them continuous feedback on their performance. The more different they are, the higher they score!

We See Each Other All the Time

"We See Each Other All the Time" is a month-long experience and exhibition that explores the nature of our perpetually cell-phone connected world. 

Artists and friends, Dana Moser and Nita Sturiale, have completed a 30-day communication exercise where they used various methods of information exchange every day without fail. These included cell phones, pay phones, Skype, text, images, email, paper letters and postcards, web-based social networks, video, and personal live meetings, both synchronous and asynchronous.

Static (2016)


640x480 NTSC, 1920x1080p29.97
Installation View: The Price is Right on CBS Evening News at 6:00 during the Pregame Singing of the National Anthem right after CNN Newsroom and Weather only on the Travel Channel, sponsored by Dr. Phil - BOOK NOW! (Static) (2016)
Found broadcast footage and original digital SLR video, sampled broadcast audio and original audio, original animation, relayed live feed, digital broadcast antenna, cathode ray tube, Raspberry Pi. 


MELD is a collaborative production team creating temporary fine art exhibitions and events based in Boston. They believe that food, art, and conversation are inextricably connected.

Together MELD forms an enthusiastic and large network of artists, young professionals and farmers. Through installations and events they provide a portal to the local food and art scene of Boston.


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