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Fall 2020

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An Ode

Concrete, plywood, plastic birds of prey, bumper stickers, american flag, american eagle decoy, rope, grommets, cake display motor, metal fasteners, imitation gold paint, wooden pallet,.

For Capstone Portfolio Review

The Red Room

12’ x 40’ x 30’
Mixed media (woodcut and collagraph prints, dyed fabric, assembled wood and metal, personal relics, house paint, sound recordings from the Union Pacific Railroad, 1000 printed playing cards...)

"The Red Room" was a part of a 3 room interactive, sensory installation for my MFA exhibition: Pathways to Place and Identity: a Visual Expression of Memory and Experience. It expresses aspects of my interior and exterior landscape at the time: 2009, Pocatello Idaho.



Wang's installation Yellow took place in the MIT Media Lab. Its goal was to facilitate a discussion beyond the parameters of language in a sarcastically charged way.

You Are Here

This interactive piece helps people create their own mandalas, patterns symbolizing greater connection to oneself.

The artist, Mayuri Saxena wanted to make the user realize their presence in a particular place, for a particular experience.    

What I Mean When I Say I’m Going Home

Dimensions variable

Three-channel audio and sculpture installation composed of televisions, antennas, radios, rosaries handmade out of telephone wire, spiritual artifacts, photographs and letters, psychiatric hospital files, bricks, roofing shingles, clothing, and recordings taken from various sites associated with home or family. Audio: (1) sound of a burning building permeates the space (2) sound of singing comes from and air vent--as if heard from another room (3) periodically an evangelical preacher speaking in tongues pierces the air, from an unplugged tube radio.


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