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Graphic Design

Bovas Identity Project

This identity project is for the popular bakery Bova’s located in the North End of Boston. The system included a logo, business card, letterhead and envelope, menus, and package for pastries. As a family run business it was important to keep to the design personal and friendly.

InkTrap Magazine

The goal of the Publication Branding & Magazine Design project was to create a publication brand and execute the brand identity through a fully-designed print magazine. InkTrap is a design publication that celebrates all things type and is dedicated to bringing the timeless beauty of letterforms to the masses.

Future Self Poster Series

The goal of the Social Cause Poster project was to distill a large message into an intelligible and closely analyzed poster capable of conveying an unforgettable message immediately. Each year, nearly 72,000 adolescents and young adults ages 15-39 are diagnosed with cancer. Fertility preservation is a highly important survivorship issue among this population and numerous factors continue to hamper its routine integration into clinical practice. The Future Self poster series communicates the significance of fertility preservation thru the eyes and words of a survivor. 

Muse Brew Tea Packaging

For this project in Intermediate Portfolio class, students were assigned to design packaging for a line of coffee or tea that is endorsed by a celebrity. Lisa chose to create a line of teas that is endorsed by author J.K. Rowling. The product is called "J.K. Rowling’s Muse Brew," and comes in three varieties.

Lisa's goal was to portray the imaginative, magical quality of Rowling’s storytelling. For each package, she created assemblages of photos of the tea blend ingredients and pieces of found etchings to create a whimsical scene.


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