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COVID-19 Update

As of March 23 all classes will be taught remotely through the remainder of the semester.

While faculty and staff continue to work remotely, only authorized personnel may access campus facilities. Read the full update.




Stability is a dance video featuring three different Asian American dancers with very different styles. Each dancer performed in a different location that reflects their style and personality. 

Dancers: Daisy Var, Alex Young, and Jess Chang

Director: Grace Cushner
Cinematography: Grace Cushner
Editor: Grace Cushner

Music Mix: Nick L.
Special thanks to: Lisa Lam and Megan DiTullio


Short Film: Aonar


Kayla shot Aonar for Junior Production SP19. In this short film, two high school best friends go to a normal college party until one of them goes off alone and discovers a mysterious room. 

Healing- Anaís Azul (Official Music Video)

"Healing" by Anaís Azul

Healing is a music video directed and produced by Guadalupe Campos '22 BFA Film/Video in collaboration with local Queer Peruvian singer-songwriter, Anaís Azul. The music video Healing follows a pink chair throughout the city of Boston from locations as intimate as Anaís’ home to places as public as the Orange Line. Healing is a long and painstaking process but something that is not done alone or with out a great reward. 


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