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You Can't See Out trailer

You Can't See Out

Trailer for, "You Can't See Out," which focuses on the challenges of growing up, losing friends, and change as it manifests itself into a real nightmare. The five friends must survive the night as they are being watched and hunted by an unknown figure outside a house they’re not suppose to be in. They are challenged to figure out what is real and what isn’t.



A short film, revolving around three vignettes, which seems to have a different interpretation every time it's viewed...what do you think it means?



Stability is a dance video featuring three different Asian American dancers with very different styles. Each dancer performed in a different location that reflects their style and personality. 

Dancers: Daisy Var, Alex Young, and Jess Chang

Director: Grace Cushner
Cinematography: Grace Cushner
Editor: Grace Cushner

Music Mix: Nick L.
Special thanks to: Lisa Lam and Megan DiTullio


Short Film: Aonar


Kayla shot Aonar for Junior Production SP19. In this short film, two high school best friends go to a normal college party until one of them goes off alone and discovers a mysterious room. 


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