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3D Artwork


"Laborland" is a dystopia and an amusement park where labor and play converge. Christy began this project by deconstructing a GAP shirt that was sewn together in 15 minutes by removing 3745 stitches in 4.5 hours. The latest "attraction" of "Laborland" is "Come, Run in Me," an interactive video installation where participates are encouraged to run inside the wheel in order to slave the worker in video projected on the wheel. Learn more.

Angel of Auschwitz

Plaster, silk, barbed wire

body approximately 66" tall;
wingspan approximately 12'

She bears witness. The lettering in her wings is a reference to the inscription above the entrance gates at Auschwitz, 
Arbeit Macht Frei ("Work Will Set You Free"). Tod Macht Frei means "Death Will Set You Free".


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