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Appraisal Studies


In collaboration with the American Society of Appraisers, MassArt offers ASA series of valuation classes towards ASA accreditation in personal property appraisal. Courses are open to students pursuing appraisal studies in all areas of valuation.

Four sequential foundation courses take students through the various approaches to valuation theory, economic concepts that apply to valuation, basic "appraisal process," ethical concerns of the appraiser and professional standards. Students interested in accreditation by the American Society of Appraisers must take these four classes in sequence, and must then take and pass the Uniform Standards or Professional Appraisal Practice.

2018-2019 Schedule of Courses

PG201 with Edie Yeomans - September 13-16
This is the first class of the Principles of Valuation (POV) course of study of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) for Personal Property and Gems and Jewelry Appraisers. The first of four (4) required courses, this course provides individuals wishing to become appraisers with an introduction to the profession and basic concepts necessary for appraisal practice. These concepts are expanded throughout the three remaining courses.

If you're interested in this class, please wait until September 5th to make travel and accommodation plans. We must have sufficient enrollment to run the class. We will contact you on September 5th to confirm the class.

PG202  Introduction to Personal Property Valuation with Patty Atwood - Nov 8-11
In the second course (PP202), participants learn about the development (research and analysis) necessary to prepare an appraisal. In the third course (PP203), participants learn about communicating an appraisal by writing an appraisal report and the fourth course (PP204) focuses on the legal and regulatory environment in which appraisers work. Please note: these courses have been developed so that they must be taken in order.

PP203 with Sandie Tropper - January 24-27
This course provides participants with the basics of communicating an appraisal as a written report. The instructor reviews the required parts of an appraisal report and provides guidance on organizing a document that presents a logical argument for value. Participants use the terms they acquired in PP 201 and the methodology they learned in PP/GJ 202 in class exercises to complete their appraisal and prepare the appraisal report for review by the instructor.

PP204 with Sandie Tropper - March 28-31
This course introduces students to compliance with laws and regulations in order for them to conduct their Personal Property appraisal practices. Using the information learned in the previous courses, participants expand their understanding of professional standards and the ethical requirements of an appraiser. The class allows students to utilize their analysis techniques for concluding Fair Market Value in an appraisal assignment. Further insight into the auction market, the insurance industry, and how tort law affects appraisers is covered in this class. PG204 also examines the legal court precedents on which many appraisal practices and regulations are based.  As part of the class, students develop a Fair Market Value oral appraisal report for the property that they appraised in PP203.

registration information

Registration for the next cycle of classes will open mid-summer, 2018.


For additional information, please contact our office: •  617.879.7200

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