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Spring 2021

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Anti-Racism Resources

Image: Black Lives Matter Protest in Boston, MA by Calder McCay '20 BFA Industrial Design. "Tools of Protest" tape by Cedric Douglas '11 BFA Graphic Design 

Anti-Racism practice means to put yourself outside your comfort zones, check biases daily, self-reflect, and make adjustments. 

The Office of Justice, Equity, and Transformation has curated the following list of resources which covers BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Self Care, Supporting Black Owned Businesses, Protesting, Alternative Actions (White People, Non-Black POC, LGBTQ+, Children), In the Workplace, Voting and Local Engagement, Policing, Philanthropy, and Additional Resources. 

bipoc self care

Support Black Owned Businesses


alternate actions

in the workplace

voting and local civic engagement



additional resources