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As you consider and prepare for an international experience, take some time to reflect on the following information and questions as a guide to examine some of the more personal aspects of study abroad.

The Destination
  • What is life like in the country?
  • What are my reasons for choosing this country?
  • Have I developed knowledge about this country based on stereotypes?
  • What cultural differences should I expect?
  • What do I need to know about COVID in the countries I’m interested in in order to keep myself safe and limit the transmission of COVID?
The Host Program
  • What types of housing are available?
  • Is my program able to provide for single rooms, private bathrooms and certain roommates?
  • What other resources are available to me?
Your Needs
  • Am I used to being part of the minority/majority at home?
  • How will it be to be a part of the minority/majority abroad instead?
  • Am I looking for an extremely different experience or to retain some cultural similarities?
  • What are my goals while abroad?
  • How will the study abroad experience contribute to my artistic and creative goals?
  • How will this experience contribute to the achievement of my academic and career goals?
  • How will I involve my family in my decision to study abroad? How can I explain to my family that a study abroad experience can contribute to the achievement of my goals?
  • What kind of experience am I looking for?
  • How do I plan to finance my time abroad?
  • What are my expectations about socializing and dating while abroad?
  • Are the medications I take legal and available in my host country?

We encourage you to meet with MassArt's Study Abroad Advisor to discuss the topics in this resource guide and make your study abroad plan.

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