In-Kind Gifts

In-Kind contributions help the college utilize all of the community's resources.

"In-kind" gifts are contributions of equipment, supplies, or other property. As a school of art and design, we welcome such giving, if the donations are appropriate and can be used by the College and our students.

In the past few years, we've accepted such gifts as the following:

  • Dress forms
  • A loom
  • Photographic equipment
  • Selected art supplies

If you are interested in making such a donation, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact Gregory Bartlett in the Institutional Advancement office at (617) 879-7024 or Please note that our studio managers and faculty members are not responsible for assigning a value to such a gift. If you intend to take a charitable tax deduction, please see IRS form 8283.
  2. If the gift is appropriate and we have storage space, we will put you directly in touch with the studio manager. Ideally, we prefer that you bring the gift to campus. Our studio managers do not have a dedicated vehicle for picking up large donations.
  3. After the donation is made, and the studio manager informs us that the materials have been received, a staff member in the Philanthropy Department will write you an appropriate acknowledgment, thanking you for your donation. If you have submitted form 8283, we will return that signed form as well.
  4. Your generous gift will be recognized by MassArt.

Should you have other questions, please contact us at (617) 879-7024.