Industrial Design Certificate

The Industrial Design Certificate program consists of 17 courses totaling 51 credits and is for students who hold a prior baccalaureate degree but now wish to enter the industrial design profession. The program takes 3 years part-time; a few of the courses can be taken through professional and continuing education at night, but most will be scheduled in the daytime degree program. Students are expected to enroll in 1 to 4 courses per semester (fall and spring). Summer coursework is optional. Certificate students may transfer or waive up to 9 credits based on portfolio review. Students with no portfolio may take continuing education courses in order to prepare a portfolio.

Application procedures
Industrial design certificate applications must be completed by April 1 to begin the program in the fall or summer, and by November 1 for spring matriculation. Faculty review applicants in the month following completion deadlines and notification of the decision is sent by mail.


Request that all official post-secondary transcripts be forwarded to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Applicants who have taken continuing education courses at MassArt must request an official copy of their transcripts from the Office of Professional and Continuing Education be sent to the admissions office. Also, submit a list of courses in which you are currently enrolled.

Portfolios for design certificate applicants are expected to demonstrate basic skills in visual language (drawing, color, composition, 2D and 3D design) and proficiency and interest in design. Students enrolled in design courses through continuing education should include work done in class as part of their portfolios. The portfolio must contain at least 15 pieces of artwork and must be presented in slide format in a slide file page.

Statement of purpose
As a designer you are expected to be able to communicate effectively in writing as well as visually. Use your statement, an essay of no less than 500 words, to define your interests and experience in the field of industrial design and related areas such as engineering and architecture.

Supplement your application with a resume outlining your professional experience.

Core program (all courses are three credits)

EDID-215              Industrial Design Principles                                                                         
EDID-225              Industrial Design Form
EDID-235              Manufacturing Process I
EDID-245              Human Factors-Ergonomic
EDID-315              Industrial Design I
EDID-325              Manufacturing Process II
EDID-335              CAID Surface Modeling
EDID-345              Industrial Design II
EDID-355              Portfolio and Presentation
EDID-415              Industrial Design III
EDID-425              Degree Project I - Research
EDID-435              Degree Project II/Development
EDID-365              Product Development
EDID-205              Drawing for Designers
HART-386              Communication Design History

Electives (choose two)

EDID-220              Joinery
EDID-218              Product Rendering
EDID-216              Intro CAD/Solid Modeling/ID
EDID-316              Human Factors II: Culture
EDID-318              Branding-Product

For more information

Contact Continuing Education
617 879 7200


Fall semester: April 1
Spring semester: November 1
Application Fee: $35

Download an application (PDF)