Course Sequence


The first part of the GDC program, culminating in Intermediate Portfolio, provides students with basic-to-intermediate level skills in graphic design concept development, typography, and the manipulation of visual form to effectively engage an audience and communicate a message in a variety of media. In Intermediate Portfolio, presentation and professional job search considerations are introduced into the process of building a body of design work, with students presenting their semester's work to a panel of professionals. The panel provides real-world feedback and determines whether the student has the skills to proceed to the advanced courses of the program.

The advanced part of the program includes an advanced design elective, Graphic Design 3, and Advanced Interactive Projects, as well as two technical courses-- Print Production and Interactive Development (required for students entering the program beginning fall '08). The program culminates in Final Portfolio, the required capstone course in which each student builds his/her entry-level job search portfolio and again makes a presentation to a panel of professionals who provide feedback and determine whether the student has the skills to graduate.


  • Foundations of Graphic Design  (3 cr.)
  • Typography (3 cr.)
    (can be taken w/Foundations of Graphic Design)
  • Graphic Design I (3 cr.)
  • Intermediate Typography (3 cr.)
    (can be taken w/Graphic Design I)
  • Graphic Design II (3 cr.)
  • Interaction Design (3 cr.)
    (can be taken w/Graphic Design II)
  • Intermediate Portfolio (4 cr.)
  • Print Production (1.5 cr.)
    (taken anytime after Graphic Design II)
  • Interactive Development (1.5 cr.)
    (taken anytime after Interaction Design)
  • Advanced design elective (3 cr.)
    (taken anytime after Intermediate Portfolio)
  • Graphic Design III  (3 cr.)
    (taken anytime after Intermediate Portfolio)
  • Advanced Interactive Projects  (3 cr.)
    (taken anytime after Intermediate Portfolio)
  • Final Graphic Design Portfolio  (4 cr.)

Courses must be taken in sequence, although some can be taken concurrently as noted. All required courses are offered Fall and Spring and most in summer as well (excluding Intermediate Portfolio, Graphic Design 3, and Final Portfolio). To complete the program in three years, students can take four courses every year, although many prefer a varying arrangement (such as 5 , 4 and 3 courses in consecutive years), since course workloads become more demanding as the sequence proceeds.

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Fall semester: April 1
Spring semester: November 1
Application Fee: $35

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