Incoming Students Fall 2017

Incoming Students

Congratulations on your decision to pursue an arts education at Massachusetts College of Art and Design! This page contains helpful reminders, important dates, and contact information for specific departments. Please refer to your acceptance booklet for full information regarding enrollment. If you lost or misplaced your acceptance booklet, please contact the Admissions Office.

You can place your Tuition & Housing deposits by following the link below. You will need your student ID number (listed on your decision letter). If placing a deposit online, please note you must still submit the Tuition and Housing Deposit Form (with payment confirmation number) as well as the Housing Application (if applicable) by May 1 (postmark deadline). Refer to pages 19-22 of your acceptance booklet for these forms. Deposits may take 3-4 days to be processed.

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MassArt Housing

If you have not already done so, please submit your Housing Application and Housing Deposit as soon as possible. 

When paying online at, be sure to enter all 7-digits of your MassArt Student ID number including the first zero (your MassArt student ID number is listed on your acceptance letter). Under "Type of Bill", select the "DP" option. 

Personal checks and/or money orders should be made out to Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Please include your 7-digit MassArt ID number on the check.  

Please refer to the housing information section in your acceptance packet for full details on applying for on-campus housing. If you have misplaced this information, please contact the Office of Admissions. If you have any questions about on campus housing, e-mail the Office of Housing and Residence Life at

Health Insurance and Records

Immunization Record Requirements

Incoming students must submit the MassArt Immunization Record Form, completed and signed by a physician, no later than June 15th, 2017. The form may be viewed and completed online or you may send it to the Counseling and Wellness Center. Students who have not submitted this form will not be allowed on campus. You will not be allowed to move into on-campus housing, swipe into on-campus buildings, or attend class. 

Student Health Insurance Plan

Massachusetts State Law requires all students enrolled for at least 9 credits to have health insurance. Unless proof of comparable coverage is provided, you must participate in the MassArt Student Health Insurance Plan. To participate in the MassArt Insurance Plan, you must be enrolled for at least 9 credits and in a degree granting program. All international students must participate in the MassArt Student Health Insurance Plan.

To accept or waive MassArt's health insurance, please visit and select Massachusetts College of Art and Design (you must submit your tuition deposit before making changes). All undergraduate students who do not fill out the necessary online form will automatically be billed for health insurance. 

Contact Information

Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Counseling & Wellness Center
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
t: 617-879-7760 / f: 617-879-7769

For questions about MassArt's Health insurance Plan, please contact the Business Office at (617) 879-7903 or

Final High School Transcript

Admitted applicants who will be completing high school during the 2015-16 academic year must confirm graduation by having a final transcript sent to the Office of Admissions by June 30th.

MassArt requires proof of graduation for all first year and transfer students. This is necessary for both residency documentation and financial aid verification.

Transfer applicants with an academic transcript that indicates they have successfully completed at least two years of post-secondary education (48 or more credits, not including college credits completed while in high school), have adequate documentation to fulfill the proof of graduation requirement. If credits are currently in progress, you must provide the final college transcript noting successful competition of those course in order to enroll. Failure to do so will require you to submit your proof of graduation, and you will not be able to start classes without proper documentation. To satisfy this requirement, you may submit one of the following:

  • A final high school transcript from a U.S. high school or U.S.-accredited high school, including a date of graduation; signed, stamped, or sealed by a school official, and sent from your high school or recognized third-party vendor
  • A Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED) or High School Equivalency Test (HiSET) results sent directly from the testing organization
  • An official copy of documentation sent directly from the IB Organization indicating that a diploma has been awarded
  • Some national exam results: GCE/GCSE exams (O-Level and AS-level), India Secondary School Examinations, Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) Exams, and CAPE I, etc. 
  • Home-schooled students have the additional option to submit a letter from a local school district official or state education agency certifying that the student received an education substantially equivalent to instruction given to students graduating from high school in a public or private institution

Final College Transcript (Transfer Students)

To be considered for additional art history and/or liberal arts credit for completed Spring 2016 coursework, please submit course descriptions and an official transcript of coursework beyond that already on file with the Office of Admissions by June 30th. To be considered for additional studio credit for completed Spring 2016 coursework, please submit a portfolio of 3-5 images per course by email to

Student Accessibility Services

MassArt is committed to making college a successful experience for all students, including those with documented disabilities. If you have a disability that you believe might stand in the way of your best performance at MassArt, staff at the Academic Resource Center (ARC) are available to assist you.

In compliance with all regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA-AA), MassArt assures the protection of your right for equal access to educational opportunities. Student Accessibility Services within the ARC works with students to determine reasonable and necessary accommodations that can be made within the classroom and the studio. These accommodations may include additional time on examinations, rest breaks, note taking assistance, mobility assistance, or access to digital texts.

In order to secure accommodations at MassArt, you must submit documentation of your disability along with the Request for Accommodations Form (page 25 of your acceptance booklet) for you to use to describe your disability and to indicate the accommodations you may need at MassArt. Any information you chose to share with us, on this form or in person, is kept confidential.

Meal Plan Medical Accommodation

Meal plans cannot be waived unless a student has sufficiently documented medical need or other extenuation circumstances that MassArt's dining service provider, Chartwells, cannot accommodate. Chartwells can preprare foods to meet vegetarian and most allergy needs. To petition for a reduction or waiver of the required meal plan, students must submit their request in writing with the Housing Application by May 1. You will continue to be charged for your meal plan until a decision is made.

If you wish to apply for a waiver, please follow these steps:

1. Fill out the Request for Accommodations Form, which can be found in your acceptance booklet.

2. Submit a request in writing to reduce or waive your meal plan to the Associate Dean, Academic Resource Center.

3. Include documentation from a medical professional who can substantiate the reason for the waiver.

Housing Medical Request Process

If you have a disability or condition that requires special living arrangements, you must submit the following by May 1:

1. A letter/email written by the student stating the specific medical condition, the specific housing need that it requires, and why a single or handicapped accessible suite is requested.

2. Medical documentation from a physician supporting the request.

3. A Request for Accommodations Form, which is found in the acceptance booklet. Since each request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, it is extremely important for all documentation to be complete and detailed regarding request and disability. All requests will be reviewed based on what information is provided. Generalizations will not help to understand the need for housing. Housing accommodations are made only year at a time. Please visit Medical Requests for further documentation that must be completed and submitted by May 1.

Studio PreSemester

Studio PreSemester is an intensive ten day program designed to strengthen art-making skills, provide an introduction to the multiple layers of campus life as an artist, and offer students concerned about the transition to art school a focused studio that will help them succeed in their freshman year.

Participation in the Studio PreSemester is encouraged for any student entering MassArt's first-year Studio Foundation program. Some admitted applicants are recommended or required to complete the program. If unsure, please refer to your acceptance letter or contact the Admissions Office at (617) 879-7222. This program will strengthen your drawing skills and prepare you for the rigorous studio classes that lie ahead.

Studio PreSemester Program classes begin on August 14th and run through August 26th. Additional information about Studio PreSemester can be found in your acceptance packet or by contacting the Office of Professional and Continuing Education at (617)-879-7200 or

Events Calendar

Discover what it's like on MassArt's campus. View our Events Calendar and check out upcoming lectures, visiting artists, and exhibitions!

Student Billing

If you need more information about tuition charges or a payment plan, please contact MassArt's Bursar's Office at (617) 879-7900 or email

Fall Classes and Registration

Incoming students will be automatically registered for classes beginning in June. Tentative schedules can be accessed via daVinci. Please note schedules are not considered final until August 25th.


More details regarding registration for Fall Orientation 2017 will be available in June. Please check back.

Student E-mail

Directions for setting up your MassArt email will be sent later this spring after your deposit has been received. Once you have activated your MassArt email account, it is important that you check it frequently since various MassArt offices will email you. You are responsible for knowing the information that is sent to your MassArt email account. Be sure to contact the IT Help Desk at (617) 879-7888 or by email if you encounter any problems accessing your account.

Commuter Programs and MBTA Discount

Learn more about Commuter Programs, student parking, and MBTA discounts.

Purchasing a Computer

First-time freshmen and Foundation transfer students are not required to purchase a computer. There are several labs available on campus for students use. Questions about recommended computers and software should be directed to the Studio Foundation Department at (617) 879-7298. Upper level transfer students should consult with respective major departments.

Student Visa Information

Once international students are formally admitted to MassArt, they are required to submit information in order to apply for F-1 student visa status. Learn more.

Contact Information

Academic Resource Center (617) 879-7280

(617) 739-4770

Business Office (617) 879-7900

Civil Rights Compliance and Diversity (617) 879-7060

Commuter Programs
more information

Counseling and Wellness Center (617) 879-7760

Housing and Residence Life (617) 879-7750

International Education Center (student visa questions) (617) 879-7717

Office of Admissions (617) 879-7222

Laura Flynn, Director of Transition & Leadership Programs (617) 879-7723

Public Safety
(617) 879-7810

Registrar's Office
(617) 879-7272

Student Financial Assistance (Financial Aid)
(617) 879-7849