Studio Foundation

Exploration, idea generation, critical thinking, craftsmanship—this is where aspiring artists acquire the tool chest that will drive their artistic development.

The studio foundation department introduces students to a wide variety of studio techniques and media that cut across traditions and technologies. Its curriculum is required of all first-year students before they choose a major.

Coursework helps students gain an understanding of the critique process on which much of the MassArt curriculum is based. They learn to take their projects through all stages of the creative process, from inception to design construction, presentation, and revision.

  • Drawing courses introduce students to formal principles as well as the breadth of drawing practice.
  • Visual language courses explore two- and four-dimensional principles of visual organization, with a combination of tactile and digital media, photography, and video.
  • Form study introduces students to the formal and conceptual foundations of three-dimensional design.

The Studio Foundation department has an active program of visiting artists and exhibitions that brings students into contact with local, national, and international artists and designers. Studio, gallery, and museum visits complement the curriculum.

The Studio Foundation department maintains a web site for students at


Jane Marsching

Studio Foundation | Graduate Programs

Three years ago, Marsching would not have described herself as an environmental activist. Today, because of Arctic Listening Post, she does. The series of works in digital media, for which Marsching was a finalist for the 2006 ICA Artist Prize, seeks to raise awareness about climate change through "catalytic imagery that makes people respond and want to engage."