Liberal Arts

A solid grounding in the liberal arts ensures that students are exposed to the cultural, historical, and intellectual contexts that inform art and design.

The liberal arts department offers courses that encourage students to think critically, write effectively, and develop the informed, flexible minds that make art possible. All MassArt students take at least nine courses in this department.

  • Literature and film criticism teach students to discern complex layers of idea and meaning manifest in verbal or cinematic art.
  • Writing courses hone skills in verbalizing ideas and creating art with words.
  • Social sciences and history courses help students develop a historical perspective and deepen their understanding of cultures and societies.
  • Natural science courses foster an understanding of scientific method and principles.
  • Mathematics courses teach mathematical logic and the skills necessary for material and structural calculations in design projects.

Learn more about Liberal Arts courses and typical assignments in this video.

Learn more about Liberal Arts courses