Post-baccalaureate in Design

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No Filter Drawing Machine

No Filter. Valeria Lalinde, 2015.  A "Useless" Machine uses an Arduino, Processing sketch and servo motors to create drawings based on Instagram likes.

The Graduate Post-baccalaureate in design, offered through the Dynamic Media Institute, is a one-year, 24- to 29-credit, immersive educational program that gives students an opportunity to focus on the role and possible new uses of dynamic media in communication design.

After successful completion, students will graduate with a Graduate Post-baccalaureate Certificate. Those who choose to apply and are accepted to continue graduate study at the Dynamic Media Institute will be allowed to transfer up to 6 credits.

The program offers professionals from outside the design field an intensive educational experience that will prepare them for new opportunities, including possible application to graduate schools or study in the Dynamic Media Institute. Students have widely varying educational backgrounds and work experience. We believe deeply that diversity enriches our program and, in turn, the dynamic media field as a whole. The MFA: Design and Post-baccalaureate programs count graphic designers, programmers, industrial designers, architects, journalists, social scientists, biologists, dancers, and writers among its graduates.

Courses are taught by professors from the Dynamic Media Institute and Massachusetts College of Art and Design undergraduate communication design program, as well as visiting artists, designers, and special guests. Faculty will work individually with post-baccalaureate students to select courses that are most appropriate for their unique educational background and work experience. 

Sample Course Offerings:

Fall Semester (~12 credits)
Elements of Media - graduate/3 cr.
Design as Experience - graduate/3 cr.
Design History - undergraduate/3 cr.
Information Architecture I - undergraduate/3 cr.
Typography I - undergraduate/3 cr.
Graphic Design I - undergraduate/3 cr.
Typography / Graphic Design - selected PCE courses/3 cr. each

Spring Semester (~12 credits)
Design for Motion and Sound - graduate/3 cr.
Information Architecture II - undergraduate/3 cr.
Typography II - undergraduate "super-studio"/6 cr.
Degree Project - undergraduate/3 cr.

Undergraduate course descriptions are provided by the Graphic Design BFA program.

Additional information on the graduate curriculum and student work are located at the Dynamic Media Institute (DMI) website.

phone: (617) 879-7203

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