Bachelor of Fine Arts

A strong foundation in various art forms prepares aspiring art teachers to be generalists in the classroom.

The art teacher education program exposes students to a variety of art disciplines, including two- and three-dimensional fine art as well as interrelated media. It prepares student artists to teach in a variety of elementary and secondary educational environments where breadth of experience-rather than in-depth knowledge of one studio area-is particularly beneficial.

The program accomplishes its objective by offering a wide range of electives from which students may choose to fulfill program requirements. All students are required to complete interdisciplinary portfolio courses, all of which include structured reviews of student work.

Upon graduation, students are eligible for initial licensure. Post-graduate professional development typically includes building a robust portfolio and/or obtaining a master's degree in a particular focus area.


Pete Curran '09


Inspired by his work with children with Aspergers Syndrome, Curran films strangers navigating busy intersections, construction sites, and revolving doors. He seeks to reveal the "hidden curriculum"--the set of rules for a culture that go unsaid but everyone knows. Mastering this curriculum, Curran notes, can pose a particular challenge for people with certain disabilities.