Strategic Initiatives

As one of the leading colleges of art and design in the United States, MassArt is helping define what it means to be an educated artist or designer in the twenty-first century.

What does an artist or designer in today's world need to know? Beyond the technical skills, the historical knowledge of one's craft, the ability to think critically and assess one's own work, what should an education in art and design instill in students?

At MassArt, the answer to these critical questions lies in four strategic priorities that permeate all aspects of the college. They are woven into the fabric of MassArt life and distinguish the college from its peers.

MassArt is dedicated to providing its students with:

  • First-hand experience interacting with diverse cultures and communities.
  • A global perspective on the practice of art and design.
  • An appreciation for the impact of their work on the environment.
  • A commitment to furthering art and design as engines of economic growth.